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Simplify Your EMS Agency’s Training & Tracking

Easily build, customize, and manage training programs and automate reporting for your whole agency –all in one place.
Fire Department Personnel & Training Program Management

Reduce Risk and Meet State & National Training Compliance Requirements

Increase accountability and streamline operations by keeping track of all licenses & certifications in one place.

Our courses are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE). With frequent reporting of CAPCE-accredited courses, recertification has never been easier. 

Class Options in The Fire Academy

Create custom learning plans based on training requirements

Improve performance management and increase retention by providing personalized learning paths to your personnel.

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Select EMS and compliance courses from our library that meet state and/or national requirements as needed.

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Load your agency-specific training with our user-friendly course creation tool.

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Use our event manager tool to create, run, and report on any virtual or live instructor-led sessions.


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The Fire Academy on Laptop and Mobile

Simplify your reporting

Our custom reports will make compliance management and performance management easy.

Keep track of data from different groups, learning plans, certifications, and other unique user details, and gather actionable insights at-a-glance.