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Now Offering EMS Courses Approved by the New Jersey Office of EMS (NJOEMS)

It’s official! The JEMS Academy is now New Jersey Accredited!

The JEMS Academy is thrilled to announce that we are now accredited by the New Jersey Office of EMS to offer continuing education credits for all EMS providers. Below is an FAQ to break this down for you.

What does this mean?

EMTs in the state of New Jersey can now acquire their continuing education credits via The JEMS Academy, an accredited New Jersey EMS training provider.

How many hours are available?

At the moment, The JEMS Academy offers 14 courses that EMS professionals can take. This is an equivalent of 15 hours that are approved as continuing education credits. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to add more courses the rest of the year.

How does reporting work for EMTs?

We only need two things from EMTs:

  1. Upload your license information into our license manager tool in your profile.
  2. Complete the courses you are assigned (or enrolled yourself to).

…and that’s it! We’ll take it from there and report all course completions to the New Jersey Office of EMS.

How about reporting for paramedics?

Paramedics can also take our approved EMS courses. Once completed, they must submit them to their clinical coordinator for approval.


Interested in learning more about our New Jersey accreditation? Send us an email and our team will be in touch with more details.



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